Friday, April 5, 2013

Negative Impact on Nuclear Usage Towards The World

After discussion and point out my opinion on nuclear power and its capability, now I will list out the impact of nuclear usage in this world. There are four points to be highlight in this post. First one is the nuclear power starts the arms race between the veto nations. This is proved when after the end of World War Two, the allies especially United States of America and Soviet Union has extensively power up their nuclear project and starting to develop the nuclear weapon. Other veto countries like Britain, France and China also starting to follow them in terms of developing a nuclear arsenal capability. This trend can be shown below:-

Figure 1: Veto powers nuclear weapon arsenal since 1946-2007.

Second impact that can be list down is the possibility of nuclear winter. Nuclear winter is a climatic effect of nuclear war (Slanina, 2012). This could be happen if the veto powers like United States and Russia go to war against each other. A brief view about the nuclear winter can be seen in the media below:-

Third impact of the nuclear usage on this world is the misuse of nuclear energy by creating WOMD would bring catastrophic consequences. By having the nuclear winter, annihilation of mankind is certain. This is possible because the atomic detonation will expose millions of human and animals to radiation, extensive amount of heat produce by the blast, and radioactive pollution in plants and food.
The last impact that can be seen is the long term repair of nuclear incident. This situation really use high amount of cost, in terms of workers, materials, money and time. For example, the atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The radiation was polluted both area for 10 years and completely gone in 1955 and 1956. Another example is Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The incident consuming 79 years of clean up operation, 700 000 workers and $15 billion in cash.

In conclusion, the misuse of nuclear energy can be devastating and deadly to the world, especially the mankind. The history shows that the nuclear energy is far worse than its efficiency for supplying the human needs in electricity and other type of energy. The usage for military purpose is one a great development in its history and the people only know nuclear energy from it also. This is a negative impact for the nuclear energy and the technology only drives it more deadly than before.


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