Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recent Nuclear-Related Issue

When talks about nuclear, a disaster cannot be avoided. Many serious incidents happen in the recent world that caused by nuclear. For example, Fukushima-Daishi nuclear disaster, Iran nuclear programme and North Korea nuclear capability. These three examples are the latest nuclear related incident. Fukushima-Daishi nuclear disaster was happened in March 11, 2011, during the 9.0 earthquake at Japan. This natural disaster forming a tsunami wave and instantly leaved a permanent damage to the Fukushima’s nuclear reactor.  A figure of damaged reactors is shown below:-

Figure 1: Fukushima-Daishi damage nuclear reactor.
The worlds especially the Japanese was suffered a lot because of this disaster. For example, loss of life and long-expensive term of repairing cost. According to experts, the full cleanup of the disaster would take 40 years approximately. In terms of cost, Japan government estimated at least $13 billion to decontamination (Baird J, 2011). Overall, the disaster is a major hit for the world, especially the Japanese in terms of cost of life and material which can be a future reference on the nuclear related incident.

Move on to the second issue, the Iran nuclear programme. This programme has been a continuous nuclear-related issue in today’s world. The tension between the Iran and West was triggered by this issue. The accusing of having a nuclear bomb made Iran a target for the Western countries and its allies. Iran just replied extensively by saying the nuclear programme was for peace purpose, not for war. This issue was taken to the UN and talks begin to resolve it. Until now, the agreement was not seen although the inspection has been done by Mohamed ElBaradei, IAEA Director General (IAEA, 2004). In other words, the Iran nuclear programme will bring a long, continuous tension between the country and the West, which may result a new conflict at the Arab continent.

The last issue that would be point out in this review is the North Korea nuclear capability. This issue is also a long, continuous tension between the North and South Korea, which backed by the US. Long after the Korean War in 1950’s, the intention of gaining a nuclear power was initiated by Kim Il Sung and at 2006, they declare the North has the nuclear weapon in their arsenal. The figure below shows the North Korea missile and its capability:-

Figure 2: North Korea missile arsenal.

In recent years, the tension was high because the US regularly conducted a military exercise with the South and the North saw it as a serious threat that could jeopardize its attention on avoiding an international interference on the region. Plus, the issue sometimes resulting a clash between the North and South. For example, the bombardment of Yeonpyeong Island. The figure below shows the incident:-

Figure 3: Shore bombardment at Yeonpyeong Island.
The incident will create more tension and longer fights between the two countries. In conclusion, many of the latest issue of world that was triggered by nuclear capability can be deadly and contribute to next World War because of the denial and hypocrisy that shown from the nations involved in the issue.  Make sure we avoid creating a scene because it can resolve to a deadly consequence.


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