Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nuclear Usage In The World

Nuclear energy has got a good image for its capability and many countries want to have it. Total of 31 countries has used nuclear energy since 1945. France used nuclear energy to power up its country’s electricity by 77.1 percent. Meanwhile China used the least nuclear energy for electricity purpose. According to statistic, China only uses 1.9 percent of its nuclear energy to produce electricity. Although the nuclear energy can give a positive impact on its user, it also has a deadly usage. The extensive usage of nuclear as a weapon of mass destruction since 1945 making a negative perception for the country that only used it for energy. For example, the early atomic bomb “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” until the Minuteman II and SS-27 ‘Topol-M’ intercontinental ballistic missile which deploys terror around the world. This trend was evolved and adapted with the technology. The more technologies produces, the more deadly the nuclear can be. But, only 9 over 31 country used nuclear capabilities for military purpose. The figure is shown below:-
Figure 1: Nuclear weapons according to the country.

Although nuclear energy has a deadly impact, many developed country wanted to use it as a substitute for the future usage on electricity. The country that shows interest in nuclear energy is Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and many more (World Nuclear Association, 2012). This approach has given a good publicity on nuclear energy and to use it for peace purposes. As predicted in the post before, the nuclear energy will become the main source to generate electricity as the coal resources is getting extinct day by day, with the nuclear capabilities, the country can sustain the demand of electricity for a very long time. Thus, making the country more develop and move accordingly with another first world country.

In conclusion, the nuclear is a really good helping tool in today’s world and very adaptive with the continuous technology wave. From generate electricity to weapon of mass destruction, nuclear is an energy that one does not simply ignore. The future is generate by the nuclear and we as the user should make it useful or vice versa.


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